ALPHA UNIVERSAL, Modular Distribution Panels/Tables up to 630A

ALPHA Universal modular distribution boards are available in a wide range of sizes up to 630A. Offers flexible solutions in many different applications per customer requirements.

 ✔ Easy and Fast Installation
Modular external and internal carcass structure enables easy and fast installation of the cables and the on-site panel assembly.

 ✔ User Friendly Mounting Options
ALPHA UNIVERSAL Modular Distribution Panels have a flexible mounting structure. This flexible structure can be achieved with ALPHA 630 UNIVERSAL mounting kits. For easy cable connections and installations, panels can be chosen from two different panel depth options, which are 140mm or 250mm.

 ✔ About Panel System
The modular design of the new Alpha distribution board system is developed over many years of Siemens experience in the distribution board industry. This distribution board system is especially designed to meet the individual requirements.
The new ALPHA distribution board system covers a wide range of distribution boards. This variety obtained with detachable inner covers, mounting kits and accessories for versatile use with IP43 and IP55 degree of protection.

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