SIVACON S4 up to 4000A Low Voltage Distribution Panels

SIVACON S4 is a power distribution board system designed according to the new standards up to 4000A for industrial applications or the infrastructure sector. Personnel and operational safety is indispensable in all these applications. Thanks to its optimum design, it enables a wide range of applications in industrial applications and infrastructure.

The SIVACON S4 power distribution board offers excellent security with its modern design. In the industrial applications or infrastructure sector, the SIVACON S4 provides a safe, reliable and simple power distribution up to 4000A.

SIVACON S4 offers maximum cost effective solutions with upto date technology and recognized standarts in every detail. SIVACON S4 systems offer flexible busbar positions for electrical system requirements. SIVACON S4 power distribution panel guarantees good cost efficiency with its well designed ventilation systems, simplified maintenance instructions and improved performance.

Technical Specifications of SIVACON S4:

 ✔ Design approval according to IEC 61439-2 (up to 4000A, Icw / Ipk = 100/220kA Type Test Report).
 ✔ Wide range of separation forms from Form1 to Form 4b.
 ✔ Modular structure allows flexibility and expandability for installation.
 ✔ Extended protection against internal arcs.
 ✔ Ventilation system with higher efficiency and maintenance advantages.
 ✔ Lock system resistant for internal arcs.
 ✔ Incoming and outgoing cables or busbars can be placed at top or bottom.
 ✔ Busbar can be positioned at Top, Center, Back or Bottom.
 ✔ Protection class options: IP30 • IP31 • IP40 • IP41 • IP42 • IP54

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